BIM coordination

What is BIM coordination?

Model design coordination. Our role is to be the right-hand for design or construction project managers when it comes to models and digitalization. For example, we can assist with:

  • Setting up a project bank
  • Generating an aggregate model and guiding of the parties involved
  • Detecting model clashes
  • Creating information takeoffs for federated models
  • Arranging communication

Working with us also comes with a bonus - our clients receive "PR" work and we lead team members towards innovation.

BIM coordination can begin as early as the sketch level, and continue through the preliminary, principal and operational building design phases to the as-built model.

Benefits of BIM coordination

Designing a model with us is not about fulfilling a state requirement, but we really make the model work for you.

  • Less errors in the project
  • Smoother and more comprehensive communication between teams
  • Exact building quantities
  • Team members learn to use digital solutions with us

Where BIM theory says can't, we tend to find a solution.

The size of the project is not decisive. Want to know how we can help and what benefits we can offer?

Our results


Coordinated main projects 


Coordinated work projects 


As-built models done 

Merivälja road 33 office building

BIM coordination
AS Ehitusfirma Rand ja Tuulberg
BIM coordination, ongoing consultation, and BIM support.
January 2020 – January 2023

Staadioni 81/83

BIM coordination
Vallikraavi Kinnisvara AS / AS Ehitusfirma Rand ja Tuulberg
BIM coordination, ongoing BIM consultation, and support for Staadion 83 reconstruction and Staadion 81 preliminary and principal building design phases.
November 2021 – November 2022