About us

Who we are?

We are born from the idea that digitalization in construction is possible, and sometimes the first steps in this direction can be taken with minimum effort. To give a practical dimension and believability to mystical digitalization, our team has construction practitioners, design experience, and creative people. And this is in both fields of buildings and infrastructure.

We understand that in addition to technical expertise, effective management and public relations are essential for successful digitalization in construction. Our team includes experienced practitioners in both building and infrastructure design, as well as creative individuals. We prioritize continuous internal training and management of diverse projects to maintain our qualifications. We utilize software partners, such as Simplebim and BIMCollab, and have a comprehensive understanding of the most common BIM software in Estonia. 

With our team's expertise, we are committed to meeting client needs and exceeding expectations.

Our team

Taavi Liiv tarcon.ee

Taavi Liiv


+372 516 4579


In recent years, instead of prey hunter Taavi has targeted the digitalisation of Estonian construction companies.

Taavi is a digital construction practitioner and since 2014 he's been working on digitalisation of construction.

In recent years, sharing knowledge in the form of trainings and consultations has become his favourite activity.


Diploma Civil Engineer in Buildings and Structures, level 7
Speciality: Building Construction
Additional competences: Construction management, Managing design

Janno Otsmaa tarcon.ee

Janno Otsmaa

BIM Coordinator 

+372 5662 7799


BIM projects coordinated by Janno Otsmaa, a disc golf enthusiast, fly towards the successful end of a project with the same certainty as discs he throw at the forest towards the basket.

As a coordinator, he is participating in such famous projects as the reconstruction of the Patarei Sea Fortress and the National Library of Estonia.


Civil Engineer in Buildings and Structures, level 6
Speciality: Building Construction
Additional competences: Construction management

Toomas Jõgioja tarcon.ee

Toomas Jõgioja

BIM Coordinator 

+372 5663 3823


Rocker Toomas rocks both in the field of BIM coordination and all creative works of our company.

His previous experience in creative activities gives special attention to topics related to visuals. It could be either the visual side of the model or the use of VR systems.


Tallinn University of Applied Sciences
Speciality: Building Construction, Undergraduate

Ragnar Võsa tarcon.ee

Ragnar Võsa

BIM Technician 

+372 5807 8416


Activist Ragnar has been involved in the work of student societies and sports.

Ragnar has worked in railway road design and road construction supervision, which has given him insight into the design and construction phases. He also has experience in sales, which has developed his communication skills.


Tallinn University of Technology, Road Engineering and Geodesy, Undergraduate

Germo Reimer tarcon.ee

Germo Reimer

BIM Coordinator 

+372 5819 2040


Baller Germo gained his first experience with the digitization of construction in 2018 while studying facilities management at TTK University of Applied Sciences.

For the past 4 years, Germo has periodically worked with BIM, starting as an apprentice and acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills to become a successful BIM coordinator and developer of the digitalization of construction. 

In his free time, Germo is actively involved in investing, basketball practice, and travel. Initiative and self-development best characterize him.


Tallinn University of Appliec Sciences, Facilities management 

Diana Käbi tarcon.ee

Diana Käbi

BIM Coordinator 

+372 5860 7072


Diana is a doer who likes cars and baking. Both in hobbies and in work, the keyword is determination. Diana is best described by Estonian saying, "Who does, achieves."

Diana's background is in leading positions both in the service sector and in recent years on construction sites. This ensures good people management skills and a practical view of the field of building construction.


Tallinn University of Technology, Structural Engineering and Construction Management.  

Marko Gunnar Liiv tarcon.ee

Marko Gunnar Liiv

BIM Coordinator 

+372 512 0518


According to himself, folk dancer Marko can handle all challenges life has to offer.

Marko's main job is supervising road construction, which gives him a very practical insight into how construction is actually done. This experience also helps to guide digital construction in a practical direction, especially with keeping the special features of the infrastructure field in mind.


Civil Engineer in Road Engineering, level 6
Road construction and upkeep

Additional competences: owner supervision

Marko Gunnar Liiv tarcon.ee

Piret Lindma

BIM Coordinator 

+372 5393 8744


Piret is a dynamic personality whose life is harmoniously balanced between sports, technology, and engineering.

She is an aficionado of both tennis and cycling, deriving great satisfaction from the challenges presented on the tennis court as well as those encountered while cycling. Her energetic and goal-oriented approach to sports is also reflected in her work.

Her experiences include designing (and managing) building structures and various modular constructions, as well as valuable practical experience from construction sites.


Tallinn University of Applied Sciences, Building Construction

TalTech (Tallinn University of Technology), Energy Efficiency of Buildings

Marko Gunnar Liiv tarcon.ee

Kert Aavere

BIM Coordinator 

+372 53461202


Kert is an innovative individual who thinks toward the future. In his free time, he is either engaged in disc golf or is executing another one of his wild ideas. Kert has worked for 6 years in an engineering firm, and for 5 of those years, he has been involved in BIM coordination, development, and management.

Tallinn University of Applied Sciences, Building Construction

Construction Engineer Level 6, 5 years of activity in BIM Coordination


Tallinn University of Applied Sciences, Building Construction

Construction Engineer Level 6, 5 years of activity in BIM Coordination

Marko Gunnar Liiv tarcon.ee

Kaisa Kalmet

BIM Automator 

+372 51903828


Kaisa is open to innovation and innovative ideas, creating a harmonious balance between technical functionality and visual quality.

Her previous work experience as an architect has provided her with diverse experiences in designing various types of buildings.

In her free time, she draws inspiration from nature through hiking, traveling, or engaging in some sports activities.


University College of Northern Denmark, Architecture Technology and Construction Management


People interested in BIM and willing to do something are always welcome to join our team. Are you interested in models but feel that you lack experience? Don't worry – all members of our team have learned the topics of BIM on the job. However, construction site or design experience will be a big advantage. If you have real construction/design experience, then BIM experience you can get from us.

If interested, contact us via the phone number or contact form below.